Parc Olympia

Parc Olympia is a one-of-its-kind residential estate. The design evolves from the concept of one of the biggest sporting event in the world, therefore the sporting theme becomes the core of the design. Sitting on a land of over 300,000 sqft with a sloping contour longitudinally, it provides more than 60,000 sqft of widerange sporting area and facilities.

The structure of each block takes its cue from the name of the main road – Flora Drive. Each block is structured like petals of on a flower that seemingly rotates and beams with energy, an important element of any sport. The four petals create a dynamic rhythm, differentiating itself from the common slab-block effect of the surrounding developments.

Arriving at Parc Olympia, one is awed by the magnificent waterfall at its grand entrance. Situated directly behind the waterfall is a lobby with a convenience store.

The carpark follows the contour of the site with a gentle slope. Each block lobby is decorated with warm finishes, to create a cozy and welcoming arrival experience.

Above the decks are the 8 blocks of residential units. The radiating pattern of the blocks defines the views in and outside the site. Unit position and diversity allows variation in the elevations. The ledges, frames and trellises further break down the form to create a captivating façade.

The lush landscape and water bodies soften the spaces in between the blocks. The landscape decks are tiered, responding to the site contour. This terracing effect creates exciting and different spatial experiences for the outdoor spaces. Looking down from one end to the arrival court is a magnificent view stretching as far as 216m.


TOP 2015
Tenure 99 year leasehold commencing on 2012
Developer Koh Brothers Development Pte Ltd
Architect Design Link Architects Pte Ltd
District 17
Site Area 29,949 sqm
No. Of Units 486
Unit Types
  • 1 Bedroom (type A1) – 495 sq ft – 47 units
  • 1 Bedroom (type A1p) – 646 sq ft – 5 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B1) – 646 sq ft – 47 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B1p) – 861 sq ft – 7 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B1a) – 657 sq ft – 14 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B1ap) – 883 sq ft – 2 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B2) – 657 sq ft – 12 units
  • 2 Bedroom Compact (type B2p) – 872 sq ft – 2 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B3) – 775 sq ft – 6 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B3p) – 1023 sq ft – 1 unit
  • 2 Bedroom (type B3a) – 797 sq ft – 67 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B3ap) – 1023 sq ft – 9 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B4) – 775 sq ft – 26 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B4p) – 1023 sq ft – 4 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B4a) – 818 sq ft – 6 units
  • 2 Bedroom (type B4ap) – 1066 sq ft – 1 unit
  • 3 Bedroom Compact (type C1) – 990 sq ft – 36 units
  • 3 Bedroom Compact (type C1p) – 1163 sq ft – 4 units
  • 3 Bedroom Compact (type C2) – 969 sq ft – 14 units
  • 3 Bedroom Compact (type C2p) – 1238 sq ft – 2 units
  • 3 Bedroom (type C3) – 1141 sq ft – 32 units
  • 3 Bedroom (type C3p) – 1410 sq ft – 5 units
  • 3 Bedroom (type C4) – 1163 sq ft – 55 units
  • 3 Bedroom (type C4p) – 1453 sq ft – 7 units
  • 4 Bedroom Compact (type D1) – 1324 sq ft – 12 units
  • 4 Bedroom Compact (type D1p) – 1636 sq ft – 2 units
  • 4 Bedroom Dual Key (type D2) – 1647 sq ft – 13 units
  • 4 Bedroom Dual Key (type D2p) – 1873 sq ft – 2 units
  • 4 Bedroom (type D3) – 1485 sq ft – 19 units
  • 4 Bedroom (type D3p) – 1733 sq ft – 3 units
  • 2 Bedroom Penthouse (type B3aph) – 1292 sq ft – 8 units
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouse (type C1ph) – 1808 sq ft – 6 units
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouse (type C4ph) – 2164 sq ft – 8 units
  • 4 Bedroom Penthouse (type D4ph) – 2702 sq ft – 2 units

Project Details

Live Your Personal Best
Set the standard. Choose the number one spot and say, “THIS SPACE IS MINE.”
Parc Olympia is a collection of performance-inspired residences in the heart of Changi. It’s a place that transforms your living experience. Where the extra mile has been pushed to provide you with the finest sporting and recreational facilities. This is life lived to the maximum. This is high performance living.

Every Second Counts
When you aim to achieve more in a day, there’s not a moment to waste. Not a minute to lose.
Parc Olympia is well positioned in Flora Drive, putting the fast track at your doorstep. From access to major expressways to schools and retail outlets, you’ll go from triathlons to shopping marathons in record time. Welcome to your high-speed network.

Welled Defined
The expression of pure energy drives every facet of its architecture. The prominent st ance. The fusion of actio n and relaxation. All with the aim to push the limits of potential.
Parc Olympia is designed to be more than a home. It’s an arena that surrounds you with an endless surge of adrenaline. From the welcoming entrance to your home, you’ll be at the centre of action and surrounded by sporting and leisure facilities. Embrace every second of life at Parc Olympia.

Over 60,000 sqft Of Adrenaline
Every corner of Parc Olympia is bursting with energy and possibilities.
You can sweat it out at the aqua, indoor and outdoor gyms. Clock your personal best on the synthetic running track. Scale new heights on the rock climbing wall. Score a three-pointer in the basketball court. Or rest and recharge in the stunning clubhouse until the next game beckons. There’s no reason to stop. Ever.

Life here is always in motion, with no room for boredom.
Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a social sportsman, the pace is yours to set. After all, staying in shape, or just staying healthy, has little to do with repetitions.

Rise Above
The landscape is an interplay of motion and quiet contemplation, interweaving lush greenery, Cabanas, Waterfalls with high energy action.

Breathtaking Views
At the more laidback side sits a large, cascading waterfall flanked by two viewing decks that give you a vantage point of the sweeping landscapes. This serves as a reminder that the view only gets better when you’re at the top of your game.

Rest Intervals
Every sport has intervals. With that comes rest for the body, rejuvenation for the mind.
There’s no better place for rest than at your own abode. Find your inner calm in a range of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments and penthouses. There’s a high performance home for everyone at Parc Olympia.

Well Built
Attention to needs is inherent in building the right high performance home.
Room to stretch. Room to move. Room for self-improvement. Each space is intelligently maximized with built-in wardrobe and storage areas. That gives you more room for ideas, no room for boring.

Well Equipped
Each unit is fitted with premium, quality appliances that are selected with form and function in mind.


  • Kids Fun Zone
  • Putting Green
  • Floating Cabanas
  • Basketball/Futsal court
  • Family Fun Zone
  • Skate Park
  • Cascading Waterfall with viewing Decks
  • Tennis Court
  • Indoor Gym
  • Fitness and Wellness Corner
  • 50m Lap Pool
  • Yoga Patio
  • Kids adventure Pool
  • Recreational Rock Climbing Wall
  • Tranquil pool with Jacuzzi
  • Synthetic Jogging Track
  • Aqua Gym
  • Barbecue Pavilions


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